Mentorship & Leadership Development for the Professional Woman

Do you want to make more money, build your leadership skills, and live a balanced life?  Then, welcome!  

We invite you to join the Unorthodox Group Women's Mentorship Group!

In our Mentorship program, we build leaders. And, we believe that you’re deserving. You deserve a fulfilled life and a chunky bank account! You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.   

In the Unorthodox Women’s Mentorship Group, we’re building business relationships with Millennial and Gen Z women who are actively building and scaling their entrepreneurial ventures. Our goal is that as a result of being mentored, you will be prepared to build, scale and grow your entrepreneurial venture, while learning how to build your own Unorthodox Portfolio! We are here to help you reach your goals!

This one-of-a-kind program is led by Tiffany Tait, LCSW, CDWF and Lilliam Rodriguez, Ph.D., the founders of Unorthodox Group.

After building a multi-million dollar portfolio, with ZERO, start up capital, these two women of faith, savvy, and hustle want to teach YOU how to develop as a leader and/or scale your business, while building generational wealth, in a fun, down-to-earth way.
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What is the Unorthodox
Women's Mentorship Group?

Answer: A FREE mentorship platform for professional women


Our Women’s Mentorship Group is perfect for Millennial and Gen Z professional women looking to develop as leaders, while building their portfolio.

If you're interested in growing as a leader and building generational wealth, our FREE mentorship program is for you!


You can expect to:
1. Gain the insight needed to solidify your standing as an industry expert.
2. Learn our step-by-step guide to building a profitable portfolio with little to ZERO start up capital.
3. Learn how to not only set realistic and manageable goals...but to set and OBTAIN the UNREALISTIC ones.
4. Monthly webinars geared towards the hot topics around building wealth and living a life filled with purpose, as a professional woman.
5. 1:1 Mentorship available (as mentor-load permits)
6. You will be a part of a growing community of mentors AND mentees, who will support, guide and encourage you the entire way!


The founders of Unorthodox Group built a multi-million dollar portfolio in 5 years with ZERO startup capital. We did this by turning small-scale, side hustles into large-scale equity & investment distributions. We hold decades of experience in the business world and have long believed that the old ways of doing business are broken and lack the appropriate training and development structures that female leaders need.  

We have partnered with some amazing women who know their industry and have excelled within it. This exceptional group of female leaders will deliver our mentorship program.  

Our mentors are women executives and entrepreneurs at the top of their profession and earning more than 70% of their female counterparts.  
These women are dedicated to giving back and establishing a new generation of progressive and professional BAWSE women.

This mentorship program derived from our success in Executive Leadership, Entrepreneurship and in Clinical/Medical/Professional Supervisory roles.



"I was truly blown away by this program! The modules alone were extremely thought provoking! Unorthodox helps you set a pace that really helps in seeing your goals in a much more attainable way. Working with my coach helped me to organize my thoughts, look into avenues of income that I never thought of, and then put a plan into motion! Since working with Unorthodox, I created at least 4 different streams of income in the fitness & sales industry, as well as a streamlined plan of action for my main project that now allows for the launch of my skincare line to be extremely successful! I loved every moment of the Unorthodox program!"
Von Mosely
CEO- Coco Fit
"I initially began working with the founders of Unorthodox while attempting to expand my leadership development skills and work towards a promotion in a healthcare executive role. Not only did I reach and surpass those goals, Unorthodox taught me how to rise to the top, build a growing portfolio and become a successful entrepreneur in my own right. I am personally grateful and cannot speak highly enough of the services I received from Unorthodox ."
Cristina Frisby, MS, MCAP, ICADC
Comprehensive Recovery Solutions
"I cannot rave enough about my coaching and empowerment experience with Unorthodox. 
Through the leadership development program, I was able to gain confidence, learn marketing tools and gained invaluable experience on how to uniquely identify my niche within a growing field.
I am beyond grateful to Tiffany and the
entire team at Unorthodox. 
It was such a wonderful and eye opening experience."
Simone Mack, LMHC
Smack Consultants & Counseling
$2.3 million portfolio
Time Frame: 5 years
start up capital
businesses flipped from red to black
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