Hispanic/Latinx heritage month- september


Facilitated by: Dr. Lilliam Rodriguez, PhD
Dr. Lilly is a licensed psychologist, former corporate executive and successful entrepreneur within the behavioral healthcare space. After over 6 years as an entrepreneur specializing in clinical compliance and payer reimbursements, Dr. Lilly is sharing the steps she took (and corrected) in building a solid business plan, which led to her shared multi-million dollar portfolio. The business plan, which Dr. Lilly so eloquently explains, is the foundation for writing business proposals and creating investor decks. Join her for the first part in her business steps live webinars. 
LIVE- Wednesday September 22, 2021 
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dr. lilliam rodriguez, phd


Dr. Lilliam Rodriguez is a licensed psychologist with over 12
years of experience as a clinical practitioner, behavioral healthcare executive and public speaker. Dr. Rodriguez's unique experience and balanced expertise of optimal clinical care and executive leadership led to her building a successful
healthcare consulting firm and medical billing company. After over a decade of successfully juggling the roles of a fulltime mother, wife, executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Rodriguez now resides in the New York City area and provides
private executive consulting and behavioral healthcare consulting services. Dr. Rodriguez is fluent in both Spanish and English.
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