Skill Building- October 2021


Facilitated by: Davon Smith, BA
Davon is a Regional Human Resource Executive & PR consultant. After only 4 years post graduation Davon has quickly worked her way up the corporate ladder. Join us as Davon discusses the key elements to building an exceptional resume and creating a resume that stands out from the crowd.

LIVE- Wednesday October 27, 2021 
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davon smith, ba


From college to the boardroom, Davon Smith is an established leader who has made her mark in the healthcare industry as a HR Regional Director in just 4 short years post-graduation. Ultimately finding success in an extremely "Unorthodox" way, her ability to combine her heart and perseverance to her hustle has given her the skill set to identify and capitalize on even the most abstract opportunity. With 8+ years of leadership experience, Davon's natural ability to connect with others, her creative insight and professional experience in a start-up business environment has created the perfect sequence leading to her administrative success. Smith has a proven track record of helping organizations attract, develop, and retain talent.
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