Strategic Business Coaching for women

The Founders of Unorthodox Group built a multi-million dollar portfolio, in 5 years with ZERO startup capital by turning small-scale side hustles into large-scale equity & investment distributions. Now, these two women of faith, savvy, and hustle want to teach YOU how to scale your business and while building generational wealth. Unorthodox Group provides strategic business coaching services geared towards the building and scaling of entrepreneurial ventures spearheaded by faith-based women.

As a result of these coaching courses and sessions, you will be prepared to build, scale and grow your entrepreneurial venture while learning how to build your own Unorthodox Portfolio!

Whether Group Coaching or intensive individual coaching is what you need, Unorthodox is here to help you reach your goals.
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Why Unorthodox Institute?

Simple: We Have Receipts


You can expect to:
  1. Gain the insight needed to solidify your standing as an industry expert
  2. Explore over a dozen "hustles" that can start generating income without any financial investment
  3. Learn our step-by-step guide to building a profitable portfolio with little to ZERO start up capital
  4. Learn how to not only set realistic and manageable goals.. but to set and OBTAIN the UNREALISTIC ones
  5. You will be a part of growing community of members and coaches to support, guide and encourage you the entire way!
Ready to shatter some glass ceilings?


The founders of Unorthodox Group hold  decades of experience in the business world and have long believed that the old ways of doing business are broken and lack the appropriate training and development structures for female leaders, specifically in helping professions.
That’s why we created Unorthodox, a raw, unfiltered, women-led leadership & business development program.
As the founders of Unorthodox we strive for clarity and recognize we are not everyone's cup of tea. Please understand, your coach should ABSOLUTELY be your cup of tea.
We are RETIRED millennial behavioral health practitioners and executives and we LOVE the Lord. This program is based on our success in Executive Leadership, Clinical Supervisory roles and as       Private Equity Investors.


At Unorthodox we believe in a
strength-based approach to personal and professional development. We believe that you already ARE the EXPERT.
We support our clients by providing effective and essential training, coaching and proprietary resources for the
 helping professional.
With that said, we are different, thus the name. We love the Lord. Our spiritual relationship with God is an essential part of our story, plan and million dollar portfolio. But so is hard work, straight hustle and savvy business skills. All of these factors play into our Unorthodox Approach.



"I could not have asked for a better mentor for my professional development than Tiffany Tait. From the very beginning she to took the time to understand my personal and professional goals and met me where I was, while helping me tailor my own unique path to success. In the short time that I've worked with Tiffany, I have already progressed from being an Executive Assistant to obtaining my current role as a Human Resources Director. I can sincerely say her support and guidance have played a huge role in my professional development and I can't thank her enough. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with and learn from Unorthodox."
Davon Smith, BA
Human Resources Director
Victory Recovery Center
"I initially began working with the founders of Unorthodox while attempting to expand my leadership development skills and work towards a promotion in a healthcare executive role. Not only did I reach and surpass those goals, Unorthodox taught me how to rise to the top, build a growing portfolio and become a successful entrepreneur in my own right. I am personally grateful and cannot speak highly enough of the services I received from Unorthodox ."
Cristina Frisby, MS, MCAP, ICADC
Comprehensive Recovery Solutions
"I cannot rave enough about my coaching and empowerment experience with Unorthodox. 
Through the leadership development program, I was able to gain confidence, learn marketing tools and gained invaluable experience on how to uniquely identify my niche within a growing field.
I am beyond grateful to Tiffany and the
entire team at Unorthodox. 
It was such a wonderful and eye opening experience."
Simone Mack, LMHC
Smack Consultants & Counseling
$2.3 million portfolio
Time Frame: 5 years
start up capital
businesses flipped from red to black
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